Lenny Sirivong

Hey I threw together a little chrome extension that removes sponsored and recommended posts from your dashboard.

To install, you’ll have to download the .crx file, and drag it into the extensions page

Download Remove Tumblr Spam Chrome Extension 1.0.1 From Github

View Source on Github

Let me know if it works!

In a post-Edward Snowden world in which technology companies are striving to reassure customers about their commitment to privacy…
Update: I gots hoodwinked! Wunderground is a satirical site…DJs are not intentionally making mixing mistakes. But the idea is not all that farfetched! Under the doctrine of even if it’s fake it’s real, I’m satisfied with my conclusions. (thx, ken & mumoss)
Flawless mixing is now a thing of the past, especially for any up and coming digital DJs. You just can’t afford to mix without mistakes these days or you’ll be labelled as a ‘sync button DJ.
Lawrence asked hospital administrators why they were dumping bodies into the sewer. They explained that, until recently, they had incinerated all unclaimed corpses. The stench was abhorrent, however, so they had installed a $1 million, 15-horsepower grinder pump. The machine ground the bodies into a slurry, but small parts escaped the blades.
Without the agency’s knowledge, I had obtained the criminal file that the Justice Department had opened on the NSA. Marked as Top Secret, the file was so sensitive that only two original copies existed. Never before or since has an entire agency been the subject of a criminal investigation. Senior officials at the NSA were even read their Miranda rights.
The more I read comments on reddit about things I know about, the more I see that I should stop trusting comments on things I know nothing about.
Physical Web
The Physical Web is, at its base, a discovery service where URLs are broadcast and any nearby device can receive them. This takes the web we know and love and unlocks exciting new ways to interact.

"A Microsoft developer explains in a Reddit thread why Windows 10 is called Windows 10." (via https://twitter.com/mikko/status/517358472715710465/photo/1)

people in general tend to agree with the open source movement’s goals, but are hugely turned off by interacting with that existing open source movement, and ind.ie have found a way to have that cake and eat it.

Screening tomorrow at Cornell Cinema w/ pre & post discussions led by, Director of IT Policy & Institute for Computer Policy and Law at Cornell, Tracy Mitrano.

Ibrahima Sarr, a Senegalese coder, led the translation of Firefox into Fulah, which is spoken by 20m people from Senegal to Nigeria. “Crash” became hookii (a cow falling over but not dying); “timeout” became a honaama (your fish has got away). “Aspect ratio” became jeendondiral, a rebuke from elders when a fishing net is wrongly woven. In Malawi’s Chichewa language, which has 10m speakers, “cached pages” became mfutso wa tsamba, or bits of leftover food. The windowless houses of the 440,000 speakers of Zapotec, a family of indigenous languages in Mexico, meant that computer “windows” became “eyes
There is much to be scornful of in this world of Mason-jar salads and twirly mustaches, but a major, and admirable, tenet of this specific modern twist on consumer culture is the idea that it is better to do things the right way. It is better to make fewer things than more things, because you can concentrate on those fewer things.